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Female bodybuilders tend to see their bodies as living scuplture and often enjoy doing artistic nudes that capture the beauty of what they have created in the gym - while women in fitness and figure tend more to viewing posing without clothing as being "topless" or "naked" as in a men's magazine rather than scupltural nudity.

Annie Rivieccio is not only a competitive bodybuilder but is a genuine mesomorph, with the kind of solid muscle you see in athletic sculptures by Michelangelo. There is nothing "cutesy" about Annie's beautiful and powerful pro bodybuilding physique - but there is certainly a lot about it that is artistic.

"Unlike most people, bodybuilders look best not wearing any clothes," says Annie. "Even just wearing a posing suit or string bikini breaks up the clean lines of the muscular physique so that you can't see the true beauty and proportion of the muscles."

But sometimes a bit of cloth or a prop like a rope can lend itself to an artistic photo by creating one more design element to work with - and in practical terms it is often necessary to cover certain areas of the body in order to satisfy the demands of publishers.

So in this feature you'll see a variety of photos involving partial and total nudity - but all of them display the incredible degree of dense, solid and aesthetic muscular development that Annie Rivieccio is so well known for.