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Once upon a time, women bodybuilders were criticized for not being sexy and feminine enough. Then along came Dayana Cadeau, who only has to walk into a room to make it R-rated. Dayana has an exotic appeal that is reminiscent of the late Aaliyah in "Queen of the Damned" - a comparison Dayana finds flattering. She also has a muscle fullness and shape unmatched in bodybuilding for women - the kind of aesthetic physique qualities that made Flex Wheeler such a popular star.

However, while bodybuilding judges recognize Dayana's excellence, and she has legions of loyal fans, most of the physique magazines have been reluctant to publish her photos. In spite of the fact that she is not that massive, and competed in the 2003 Ms. Olympia at only 127 lbs, the visual impact of her physique is such that many find her just "too big." Well, as the late Vince Gironda pointed out, "Bodybuilding is illusion." So until the publications come to their senses, Dayana will have to settle for being a pro champion, having legions of admiring fans and being one of the most photogenic and erotic of all female physique competitors.

Fortunately, subscribers to the Female Physique Art Gallery have a chance to directly experience how photogenic Dayana actually is. Linked to this page you will find a wide range of Dayana photos - nudes, studio sessions and outdoor location photos. Once you've had a chance to enjoy the full range of Dayana images available, you'll be able to appreciate what one journalist wrote about Dayana's appearance at the Ms. International: "If you don't appreciate this exotic, muscular and sexy body, you probably don't like modern female bodybuilding physique."

It's hard to dispute the claim that Dayana Cadeau is the most sensual women in the sport of female bodybuilding. There are those who find her "too much" - meaning the fullness and the shape of her muscles (exactly what makes her a champion competitor) put her in a category too far removed from the figure women, who are muscular but still remain closer to the "mainstream" ideal.

Never mind the fact that 20 years ago the degree of development you see on the stage in pro figure contests would have been considered much too "masculine," especially in comparison to the Rachel McLish ideal we saw in the very first years of the sport. "Too much" is always a sliding scale. What is acceptable is what we've already become used to, what is not is that which is new and unusual.

"My physique is naturally very shapely and round," says Dayana. "I don't do anything special to look like this. I just train correctly as a bodybuilder and my genetics accounts for my size and muscular development - and what my fans consider such a sexy look." Dayana is simply gifted with a beautiful face and erotic body. The same way that Angelina Jolie has great lips, Dolly Parton has large breasts and Jennifer Lopez has an abundant rear end. Nature is not fair and some individuals are given physical qualities that others are not.

The difference with bodybuilders is that they have to work long and hard, with incredible discipline and dedication, in order to have their genetic potenial become fully realized.

In 2004, Dayana entered and won the lightweight class at the Ms. Olympia. She thus earned the title of "the best lightweight female bodybuilding in the world." She would have repeated that accomplishment in 2005 except for one thing: the IFBB made the mistake of elminating weight divisions for female pro bodybuilders, forcing women bodybuilders all all sizes to compete in one class. Dayana finished third, behind two heavyweights (one almost 40 pounds heavier than she was). But she beat all the other heavyweights and all the lightweights. So she remains the best lightweight pro in the sport - and still by far, in the opinion of many, the sexiest.

"I'm not going to let not winning the Olympia discourage me," says Dayana. "The way I see it I am still the lightweight champion, and there is no other individual sport in which body size is important that doesn't use weight classes. Imagine if there were only one boxing title in the world and everyone from featherweight on up had to fight the best heavyweight. In fact, rather than eliminating weight divisions in the Ms. Olympia, they should have used them for the Mr. Olympia. As great as Ronnie Coleman is, there are a lot of people who are complaining that IFBB pro bodybuilding for men has become a contest for monsters and that the ideal of creating a perfect, aesthetic physique at whatever size is being lost."

But competition aside, as these photos show there is no other female bodybuilder who combines full muscle shape, muscularity and sensual proportions than Dayana. The magazines who complained that they couldn't run photos of her after her 2004 win because she was "too big" (when she weighted only 129 pounds!) were really just declaring Dayana was "too good." Because the qualities about which they were complaining are EXACTLY those all bodybuilders in the world who have ambitions to greatness are trying to develop.