Debi Laszewski muscle competitor by Bill Dobbins
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Debi Laszewski woman bodybuilder
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Bodybuilding fans sometimes have trouble pronouncing her name (it is LA-CHEF-SKI) but few fail to recognize that Debi has a world-class pro bodybuilding physique. Of course, that is not always true of the judges. In 2000 they took away a sure win for the overall at the NPC USA (placing her 7th in class instead) because of a set of ill-advised "guidelines" sent down by the IFBB - intended to keep "the girls" from getting too big.

Debi has also been told by one judge, who placed her lower than most think she deserved, that she was marked down for being "too pretty" for the degree of muscularity of her physique. Welcome to the wonderful world of bodybuilding judging.

But justice finally prevailed when Debi won the light-heavyweight class at the NPC Nationals in 2006 and was given her pro card. Now her task is to make up for lost time and try to become competitive for top titles like the Ms. Olympia and Ms. International.

But, contest judging aside, as the accompanying photos make clear Debi has created a lovely, highly aesthetic, artistic muscular physique. If only the sculptures of ancient Greece, Rome and the Renaissance had had a model like this to work with! The history of art would be totally altered.