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Lindsay Mulinazzi is one of the sexist women in the world of female physique and, pound for pound, one of the strongest. She is also extremely muscular - which has made it all the more difficult for her fans to accept her vacilation between bodybuilding and fitness. When she began competing in 1996 she won both NPC bodybuilding and fitness events, which evidently made it difficult to chose in which direction in which she wanted to go. However, placing 13th in fitness at the USA the following year and then 15th at the Team Universe should have given her the message.

"When I look at the size of the IFBB pros,"says Lindsay a few years ago, "it seems obvious to me I could never compete against them. Even if I were willing to do some of the things some of them do to put on so much size. They're just way too huge."

Of course, that was before the pro women began competing in weight divisions. If Lindsay were to qualify, she'd be a 135 pound middleweight, going up against women like Andrulla Blanchette, Cathy Priest and Valentina Chepiga, not Lesa Lewis, Iris Klye and Vicky Gates. Under those conditions, somebody Linday's size would be much more competitive.

But Lindsay is still not convinced. After winning the 2002 Georgia Costal in bodybuilding, she has been thinking about trying to qualify as a pro in bodybuilding and then - under the bizarre rules of the IFBB - shifting over to compete in Pro Figure.

Take a look at the accompanying photo set and you'll see how unlikely this is to be a successful strategy. Lindsay is obviously a BODYBUILDER, not some kind of fitness model or whatever else pro figure turns into. If bodybuilding is all about using weight training and diet to turn your body into an aesthetically proportioned piece of sculpture, you could hardly find a better example than Lindsay. When you visit her own website, drop her an Email and tell her how a fantastic physique competitor she is. With all the negativity female bodybuilders tend to be subjected to in their lives and careers, these women need all the encouragement and support they can get.