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Every few years somebody comes along in bodybuilding for women that causes controversy. In the early '80s it was Kay Baxter; in the late '80s, Bev Francis. In the '90s the female competitor who generated the most conflicting opinions was Kim Chizevsky. Nowadays, perhaps the most overlooked woman in the sport with the most interesting physique is Maria Calo. The problem is, Maria is so overlooked that many don't even realize she should be getting more attention than she is.

Maria has several problems when it comes to being recognized. For one thing, she seems bigger than she is - something that is also true of the diminutive Dayana Cadeau. Many are surprised after seeing her on stage that she competes at only about 145 lbs. How small she really is would be obvious if she were ever compared side by side with a bodybuilder as huge as Yaxeni Oriquen - who is more than 170 lbs - but Maria isn't in a position to qualify for the Arnold or the Olympia so this comparison never happens.

Another problem Maria has when it comes to competing in the IFBB is that shared by others like Bev and Kim: she doesn't have "cover model" conventional good looks. The sport likes muscle, but they want it in a package that looks like Rachel McLish, Cory Everson or Lenda Murray.

But those familiar with the history of the female nude figure study will recognize how well Maria's physique lends itself to this kind of photography. She has good proportions and symmetry and aesthetically shaped muscles. She is, in short - as so many of the top female bodybuilders are - a living work of art. And deserves to be recognized as such.