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Here is how Rhonda Quaresma introduces herself on her website:
I'm Rhonda Lee Quaresma, considered to be the sexiest bodybuilder on the planet. My site is all about me and who I am... so get to know me better and if you like what you see, then contact me... I'd love to hear from you!

Some might debate "sexiest" - eye of the beholder, and all that - but nobody can deny that Rhonda Lee is an attractive woman with a beautiful, and erotic, pro bodybuilder physique. Rhonda earned her IFBB pro card by winning the Canadian Nationals in 1995. She has since tried pro figure (not a good idea) and is now focused back on bodybuilding competition. But in the meantime she has established herself as an erotic physique model, with a successful website, appearances in Denise Masino's MUSCLE ELEGANCE and a line up best-selling and highly sexy videos.

"I'v been training for 14 years and it has helped me in many ways. It is an amazing feeling to transform your physique by hard work and mental willpower. It has been something that has transferred into other areas of my life. I have made sacrifices to continue on this path. You have to believe in and be true to yourself and I know that in pursuing bodybuilding I have made the right choice."