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She is a national level NPC amateur bodybuilder working on getting her pro card. But Rose Marie Kassalis is also a woman who views her physique as a piece of sculpture, a work of art and enjoys collaborating with artists and photographers in creating artistic nudes. But she is even more extraordinary than you would think, simply looking at her beautifully developed physique.

Because Rose Marie Kassalis is also the mother of six - and where other women are concerned with getting their bodies "back to normal" after a pregnancy she has succeeded in working and dieting herself back into serious bodybuilding competition shape after six of them?

Her secret? "No secret," she says. "Altough it does help having been lean and muscular before the pregnancy - since it's always easier to get back into shape if you'll already been in great shape." The rest of it, Rosie says, is just what you'd expect: Traditional bodybuilding workouts and diet, consistency, discipline and 12 weeks of a diet regimen that is one of the strictest that can be imagined.

"I do hope," Rosie adds, "that women who see these photos will be reassured that having a baby does not 'ruin your body' and that you can end up looking fit, shapely and terrific after a pregnancy. It's a lot of hard work - but I think it's well worth it."