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If you were never to leave Waikiki Beach, or Honolulu in general, you would probably not be aware of how much unspoiled beauty remains on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. Drive up the west coast, well north of Pearl Harbor, and you'll find miles of shoreline where volcanic rocks and crisp white sand meet the blue-green waters of the Pacific. It was along this part of the coast that bodybuilder Yvette Bova and I shot photos as the sun gradually lowered itself behind the watery horizon.

"What a shame you are not getting much vacation while you are here in Hawaii," a friend of mine said to me. I replied that is was not true. "I amon a beautiful, almost deserted beach as the sun rises around six AM - shooting photos of beautiful women - and back on an exotic tropical beach as the sun goes down in the evening, touching the sky and the clouds with streaks of yellow, red and gold. What tourist attraction could ever give me experiences like that?"

Of course, sharing this experience with Yvette - with whom I shot both at first light and last - simply made it all that memorable. When I think about the impressive views and attractions of the Hawaiian Islands, I have to list Yvette right near the top."