Abby Maries muscle model photographed by Bill Dobbins
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Abby Marie muscle fitness and figure images from Bill Dobbins

The first time I saw a Fitness Competition on TV I knew it was something I wanted to do. I've done Gymnastics for as long as I can remember and once I graduated from college (Texas A&M… Whoop!) my Gymnastics Career was over. Fitness Competitions seemed like a great way to fill that void. I started lifting weights to add more muscle and joined Gold's/World Gym. I figured I'd do a competition in a year or two.

Then to my surprise, I got pregnant and the goal to compete again seemed out of reach. Throughout, my pregnancy I lifted weights and continued to train 5 days a week. It certainly made the pregnancy and delivery very easy… and also Kirsten, my daughter, very active and healthy. Within a year after giving birth, I reached my goal and was on stage competing in my first Fitness Competition. It was hard work, but certainly worth it.

Anyone remotely thinking about competing should just do it! If you're dedicated and have a competitive drive then it is well worth the sweat and diet!!!


June 2007
Just won Muscle Beach -- Memorial Day weekend in Venice Beach

November 17, 2006 Hollywood, CA
Fitness America World Competition Placed 5t In Bikini America Division

August 12, 2006 Laredo, TX
Southwest Regional Fitness America Competition

Placed 1st In Fitness America Division

Placed 1st In Bikini America Division

Qualified for Nationals in Hollywood, CA

October 22, 2005 San Antonio, TX - INBF Alamo Classic


Placed 1st In Fitness Division

Placed 2nd In Figure Short Class Division

NPC Texas State Bodybuilding Fitness and Figure Championships

Placed 1st In Fitness Division

Placed 1st In Figure Short Class Division

Qualified for Nationals in Atlanta, GA