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Amber Deluca has become very famous in the physique world in a short period of time. Not that she was totally unknown before. Competing successfully in powerlifting, arm wrestling, NABBA fitness and kick boxing - as well as appearing for a time as a member of the American Gladiator cast in Florida - Amber had already done a lot to draw attention to herself. Of course, that she is such a wonderful looking female athlete, with a beautiful face and body and extremely sexy to boot, has also helped. As does the fact that she is a full blooded Native American and, along with her athletic pursuits, is in the process of finishing up her phd.

In fact, Amber is almost too good to be true: A combination of brain, beauty, athletic talent and exotic attractiveness that sounds more like Laura Croft than a real live woman. No wonder people started paying so much attention to her once her photos started showing up on this website and elsewhere on the Internet.

But Amber isn't the sort of person to simply stand around and be admired. After being told over and over that she should be a bodybuilder, she enter and won her first two physique contests - the NPC New Mexico State Open and Heavyweight Championship and the Mid-USA Open Heavyweight and Overall Championship - in July of 2003.

"I'm not sure how much time and effort I'll be able to devote to competing in bodybuilding," Amber explains. "I have so many other demands on my time, such as finishing my Ph.D. But training and dieting for the contest and then getting up on stage and winning has been a terrific experience for me. It has given me a much better understanding as to what bodybuilding is all about and I think competing and winning has given me a credibility I wouldn't have if I were just a physique model. In any event, I've always been a competitive athlete so winning NPC contests has meant a great deal to me, personally."

But whether Amber decides to compete again or not, she is not planning on going anywhere. As much as she loves athletic competition, the camera loves her to the same degree. Certainly, when Amber was at the booth at the Olympia 2003 - the same weekend in which the photos in these pages were shot - she found she hadn't brought enough photos to the Expo to satisfy the demand from her fans. This level of interest comes about because there are a lot of successful female physique competitors in the NPC and IFBB, but there are a lot fewer who generate tremendous levels of response from the audience. In other words, there aren't that many actual STARS.

But if Amber isn't already a genuine physique star, she certainly seems to be well on her way to becoming one. And the photo sets in this feature are bound to help make that happen.