Mimi Bowman

I was born and brought up in Westchester, NY - just outside New York City. Right, near Scarsdale - but not in Scarsdale. I was one of those young girls who was sexy and athletic at the same time. I played competitive soccer and tennis, and did a bit of serious karate. By high school I was playing a lot less sports and I wanted some way to stay in shape. I looked at some of my girlfriends and I could see them getting fat and losing their figures. Not for me, thank you.

So I started doing some weight training. I began to see changes in my physique immediately. I built muscle quickly and could have built a lot more if I'd been interested in something like a pro bodybuilder career. But while I admire the women who compete at that level, that wasn't what I wanted to look like myself.

My friends all saw how muscular I was getting in just a short time and urged me to try competition. So within a year of first picking up a weight I decided to enter some natural bodybuilding contests. I did pretty well, finishing first in three contests, as well as winning best poser, and my worst finish was 3rd. Then I moved over to fitness and made it to the Nationals of the Fitness America in 1996. In 2001 I competed in figure at the Jan Tana and the Extravaganza, and won the overall in both.

I am busy developing my website and doing photo shoots for people like Bill Dobbins and videos for Denise Masino. I have an Associate degree in Buying and Merchandising and a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and Communications from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, so I have a career to look forward to after I'm finished in fitness and figure.

Mimi Bowman
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