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Welcome To BlackIceApps
Please see the buttons to the left as a guide to our services. Your business
may have a definite online project plan or you may need ideas. We realise
the internet and the machines that power it are not your field of expertise so
we explain it all in plain English and spare you the unecessary jargon.
Cost Effective
We evaluate products carefully keeping costs in check. Systems,
software and services are of no use if they are out of your reach.
We stay lean, that way we can keep your costs down to a minimum.
Innovative Solutions.
We know the challenges of e-commerce, after all we run the machines that
power the net. Even though we have put together mission critical 24/7 systems
for global multi-national companies, no customer is too small. We dedicate
considerable resources working with small and medium enterprises (SME’s) .